Rococo’s journey to a more sustainable future is driven by our passion for the world which we all share. We are striving towards a new harmony between the way we dress and the impact on our environment. We have been evolving, season to season, with small steps to realising a less impactful approach to the way we do business. 

We strive to stock high-quality, long-lasting garments that are made responsibly and fairly. 

Locally, we are part of Glasthule’s “Going Green” scheme that was launched in 2019. We are collection of small, independent businesses who aim to improve the way we do things – with a focus on ‘Greening’ day-to-day operations, such as recycling packaging, reducing energy costs, ethical sourcing, and reducing waste.

 We are not perfect, and we have a long way to travel along this journey, but the small steps are adding up. We are proud of the many people that we choose to work with who are also on this journey with us, making a difference. Please see our current list of (Aim for Better’) brands who are committed to achieving more sustainable, eco-friendly, and socially-responsible collections..